There are two main methods for implementing photo projects:

  • From ideas to shooting
  • From shooting to ideas

My experience shows that the first method works only with very trivial ideas, in which the construction of a visual series of images comes mainly from very superficial properties of the depicted: object, shape, color, texture, situation, dialogue, etc.

As soon as the ideas of the projects imply the visual transmission of the images of those ideas, and the images can only be conveyed in combinations of several images or through the perception of the entire visual series, the second method works exclusively.

That is why I work with the second method, because all attempts to go with the first method always ended in nothing. When you go out to shoot in search of something specific that you have thought of in advance in your head, nothing works.

When you go out to shoot without predetermined expectations and settings with an open mind and emotions, you shoot subconsciously or in a moment of aesthetic impulse, ideas for projects come from the analysis and parsing of the footage. And these ideas will be your very own.

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